Why we can be here?

Because of Veterans of OUR United States; no dc; they are are into themselves.








Christian, Patriot.

here i am, she said

arms stretched out;

in submission cause

i’m turning myself in;

i’m here in admission.

i hear this is where

you’re taking role-call;

for anyone Patriotic

who loves America, at all

here i am, i crossed the line

i educated my kids

with thoughts that align

with the Constitution

and the BIble, it’s time

that you prosecute me

i’m here, and i’m ready

cause your bent out and

focused on killing the many

the women who roar

who’ll never back down

you hate the whole lot of us

try to knock off our crowns

but guess who we are

the precious brides of Christ

and look to my left, dude,

yup, look to my right

you’ll see i’m not alone

see the multitudes back here

the ones who from proscecution

joined this Christian – NO FEAR!!!!

millions of women

wiping off all the dust

from off of their shoulders

we are epic, in trust,

so here i am, take me in

i see jill and there’s tara

oh HI!!! there’s amanda,

and her cousin sarah

yup, we’re all here

we, the patriot moms

who are only just doing

what God said, dropping bombs

on all of the lies

that the goverment tells

we are infultrating inside

while you stew in your bills

and your amendments and laws

trying to destroy our Great Nation

we are all here

and we’re multiplying faster than inflation!!!!

we’re not underground

we are loud, and we speak

and i hear that you’re gathering

us here – week after week

your arresting us now

and so, here, we will sit

inside your new prisons

while you throw-tantrum-fit

you’re all so angry

cause we have the power

and it’s not from the earth

so you cry and you cower

and you send out your forces

to quiet, silence and intimidate

but here, look at me man,

i’m here at your gate

i’m turning myself in

cause i know Who i fear

and it’s none of you guys

my God’s ready to rear

and show you the power

of Creation, of All!

you think that i’m scared?

oh, no, not at all

cause HIS is the team

i signed up with, you see

and not only out there…

but he lives inside me

so here, do you see them?

my wrists, they are here

chain me up, throw me in

i have nothing to fear

i was promised all this

would happen you see

all your lies, all your fear

they are not scary to me

God told me you’re nuts

and you can’t see past your nose

so you ignorantly follow

the sin, oh, the woes

you’re not able to see light

you can only see dark

but here i am,

and i’ll share God’s true spark

do you know why?

cause i was lost just like you

and for some reason, he saved me

and i’m found

now it’s true

so here i am,

arrest me, i’m ready

take me to prison,

my hands, nice and steady

i’ll worship, i’ll sing,

i’ll be covered in love

cause angels surround me

while i fight, with God’s love

he fills me so much,

that i overflow

and all that i meet,

will hear of his glow

so bring me wherever,

i’ll never stop talking

about Jesus his love

and the new path that i’m walking

America, you’re beautiful

but you lost your true way

you forgot about God

in all of your days

you think you can do this

all by yourself

that you are so might

the kings and your wealth

you strong mighty men

with words that will blast

impressive speeches

wars of the past

but you don’t say HIS NAME

you don’t tap into HIS POWER

so i’m so sorry folks

he denys you, so cower

cause you have nothing

nothing at all

if you don’t have JESUS

and to your knees daily fall

and give him the glory

give it all to HIM

your efforts are nothing

so small and so dim

Learn a lesson right now

change your vernacular today

give glory to Jesus,

in all of your ways

you may capture the blessing

of sharing the Gospel

and changing the lives

instead of spreading the hostile

and angry gross way

the enemy works

stoop down to his level?

use his tactics, he lurks?

use disgusting talk?

be angry at stuff?

why not be logical

and scrap all the fluff

just go right to Jesus

the source of your existence?

isn’t that more

oh man, such consistance

i just blew your mind

all you have to say

is how you love Jesus?

in every single way?

and he will give power?

for you do to more?

wow, what a concept!!!!

just blew off your doors!

so yup, here i am

arrest me you nut

cause i won’t be quiet

i won’t shut up

i am really quiet serious

i am ready to give

my whole life for Jesus

cause that’s how i live.

I love Jesus

I’m a patriot

I am giving my all

look at me, wait for it

you won’t see me fall.

To God be the glory!

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Jude 1:24-25

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