His story is better

Here’s the thing, though

if this isn’t meant to be merely

recited but expanded on in a million

different ways, all stemming from hearts

reflects these kind of themes, then I’ve got

a problem. The problem is that when I look to my

heart, I find that the dominant desires I bring to God

start with His glory and kingdom, but instead my own. My

comfort. My good. My needs. I find myself “wanting to want.”

I wish that I longed for the kingdom of God to come not so much

that its coming is a heartfelt and genuinely request from the deepest

recesses my soul. But I don’t.Is there, then, something I might do in order

to grow my desire for the kingdom of God? Perhaps there is, and perhaps it’s

not as complicated as I tend to make it. Here are two such active ways you might

grow in your desire for God. Nina Hagen, Todd Rundgren, Grace Slick, and David Hinds;

talk about Dave amongst each other?