You know…

we promised *NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE that we’d like to assist them with the

onboard radio; see, in our first cruise experience on the USS NORWAY in 1997,

the then station was not the quality as it could be… David said to his brother:

“you know? this radio is not too good. God knows i could help them with that.”

At the Captains Dinner last night i set the idea of a radio productions that my

buddy PrestonT. let me assist in three different show on WBZK had just been

relocated to a new studio space just down from Gallis’ main office as well as

the new football stadium in Charlotte. Preston was the cat who did send us

to South Park’s glorified poster art gallery, you know the one with the babe

curator? That’s the art-show of Grace’s paintings. 2/3/22 6:13.24 pm; dig it

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