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Healing Todd Rundgren http//xstmbgs.wordpress.com/2022/01/22/308


no better than any. episodes did eclipse this one in 1992. For other cats who do

feel an urge to revel in the past; as if it were palpable at a later date. everything’s

growing. we grow, the ability was once ours. that chapter was that lot of fun, now

the activity finale’ and vanquished. X’s for Eyes destined to perish. Perish is now.

There was great and hopeful promises arisen amid a trumpeted style impressed

upon the fellow bandmates, instructors; and that was over, way over thirty years.

‘we’ will not perform ever in any of our futures. a episode: the personal creation

of song is at it’s end. the vent for any and all creating will be beneficial to others.

one very hip thing was that we hung with these guys for maybe, four hours, they

caught the tail end of an industry that in reality: a big circular refuse tube that is

never ending. good for the kids of future successful attempts “doing that band.”

was kind of satisfying to be on some desktops of this world; am overly satisfied.

don’t start a band. there were hints in our effort to bring odd learning to a froth,

for those gifted monies, any money got went to gas, to beer, and other indexes.