pay attention

class, class ?

music anyone ?


say if God is dead whose this

living in my soul? can you tell?

when that Heavenly choir sings,

we’ll be when He crowns the King.

they said when the trumpet sounds

when this world is on fire and heavens

gate’s swing wide, we are all coming home.

swing wide the gates, we’ve fought a good fight

i’m coming home, there is peace and joy up there,

in the land of beauty rare – swing W I D E the gate’s we

have kept the Faith. The world’s on fire as all get out, see U.S.?

when He was on the cross, i was on His mind?

take heed; itsn’t required, He is able, mighty is He

it is well;

with my soul.

praise the Lord

it’s not me

not all of that is

thIS situation our United States; no america GOD NEEDS TO STEP IN U.S. AGAIN.