see or

don’t look,

you still matter

to us, AND your Mother

AND your Father AND any of

the SIBLINGS you have somewhere.

My mom likes to tell me that everyone should

believe in a God. ‘When there is no one left, and you

can’t hold yourself up, then what do you have?’. The omnip-

resence of God, the idea of an eternal pillar of definite good is a

thing to lean on when everything else is rooted in inherent bad. In this

case, what is god if not a symbol of the possibility of good? ‘You may believe

in God because you can’t count on worldly things’.This message was relayed in

my 11th grade Bible class about Paul the Apostle when my teacher would tell us

that ‘he lost everything and still able to continue forward because he believed in

God’s goodness and His plan.’ After facing persecution…

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