a newer thing


David kept a diary, only to have said

encyclical recording of David’s own

ideas and concepts. When i said in

more pasts than one instance that

i need to mention. Camera, i had

many upon a kodak kodachrome

Camera’s; an optical instrument

that captures a visual image. At

a basic level, cameras consists

of sealed box with A small hole

that a

our psychic powers are not of

necessity of Spiritual Powers.

Seek not he spiritual through

material means. Could you but

see, it is weighing beautiful spirit

down with earth’s mud. Seek this 

time as a time of communion with Me

not as a time to ask questions and have

them answered. And meet Me in Communion.

is soul-food that I have provided.

Do not expect a perfect Church, find a church

the means of coming very near to Me. It matters,

then the much, that is husk…

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