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that things that do nothing but soil my soul

would be a game changer; but that’s not to

excuse past behavior, it’s but to facilitate the

cause. there is not any reasonable excuse for

the activity, it’s now David Buckle accepting a

sort of embarrassing fault. for the longest time

the ‘secret’ was just there, like an imaginary time

lapse movie it’s time to set inside it’s deep grave.

shame, both in myself, my government, in my self

induced fault.whyshould i fear,Hehears as when

call.Jesussays riseas; made whole.Godquestion

to you, will thou be made whole is up to us, Grace’s

in each life. though we had our share of hard knocks

mercy is our friend.Heis so good, we all deserve not

to be pardoned, at least not in anOld Testamentway.

UnderGod‘s grace, each one’s sins…

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