answering some of the questions:



respect that no one really

wants to earn; not this way.

Thank all vets from the bottom

of the heart and soul. so few the

population even heed’s those who

placed their life in the way of so much

tragedy they have absolutely no concept

of; therefor they do not respect any Marines,

Seamen, Soldiers, Airmen, Coast Guard men…

there should belaw that said every man who enjoys

those freedom’s bought via some good United States

Citizen laying down; in a deathly rest, making certain

all those born in a USA do continue to have the rights

to continue doing things: refusing support The Wounded Warrior Project,

burn the flag, cuss police, not to honor Firemen, a

first responder, any of the few selfless Americans

who demonstrate THEIR love thfine country…



you know the concept  of betrayal is

a thing that you can’t afford to evoke;

but the sheer involvement in such bad

the idea; an awareness of just what did

unfold is the truth of it. Suzie’s threat of

cutting me off if  the name her bar-buddy

Rose Hawley whose own, display of three

helmet’s,  perfectly aligned, just Dan’s own

admitting of the same unique correlation to

my brother’s. who ever since AL was known

to show sincere glee at looking on others in a

side glance with a squinted eye admitting the

truth of knowing the truth and not letting that

truth out not as full disclosure.  Milestone club;

a well-off person always buying round after in a

flurry of happiness; to Suzi’s glee at boozing on a

nothers dime. One way in which this can occur is individuals

try to anticipate the effective policy; then taking actions as try

to alter its outcome.