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8212212:47pm love, dave.

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  1. to take a photo is to grasp the supplied and pant, in a negative fashion the
    canvas which is in essence, or maybe the term should be in a sense… duno
    that is a good reason to awake early before it’s so bright to begin to capture
    the much more subtle hues of light as the rays dance, in a reflective manner
    upon the supplied canvas; the other shades that assist the image’s paint, it’s a
    real show of thought, of meaning to consider the least of effects become affect when you take your supplied color and squish on a negative of film sensiyive
    sensitive serious artistic vent to allow the shade’s of color OR black on white considering the last effort of production, which is printing in the darkroom.
    that’s all for today; hoping that a little photograph each reader took, given
    the scene for taking, photography’s tantamount to thieving natural scene.