we should be wiser than, look been there, did that while I played in a sufficient manner with a band me and four or five pals romanticized about living off our then ability. Well David, for mostly intrinsic purpose, perished when not even at what we you might consider a decent or finish, but it was a finish line. Some sell out; believe you me, it is not what you imagined when you were kid; and let me be the bearer of the reality folk need to wake from: music is a wonderful ability that provides an outlet for real going’s on that the outward costume never shows it’s a hard reality: money for nothin’ does you or me may imagine. See, unless you are ultra everything such as stars, or Sinéad O’Connor, oh, let’s see… Whitney Houston comes to mind, Marilyn Monroe fits the bill; just because aware of what happens once the glitz is gone; along as with some people who see only what they can squeeze out of you or life. Like Sinéad, David was a little crazy and that is okay by me, we should not to hurt anyone.