It is not thinking about Me, but dwelling with Me that brings perfect fearlessness. There can be no fear where I am. Fear was conquered when I conquered all Satanic power. If all My followers knew this, and affirmed it with absolute conviction, there would be no need of armed forces to combat evil.

friendship, being
alone; sunshine
or gloom, each
may add to us the
Beauty in our life!

“Bitch please on the back-nyeeahhhhh.”
who the heck are they?

his not understanding how or why the
we ‘mater-types’ are supposing by placing some mysterious, to the layman
tag or graffiti or whatever, dave’s indy, where as WP is very cool to
assist my intent, please do not be mislead about the five years here.
WP is a sweet discovery, we suggest each reader do something on it.
Contact with Me is the panacea for all ills.