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“everything that is has been done before.’

You think any of you were first? shame on you. Celebrated collage artists do know their work is but REadministiring of an insight; how any image that in is in AFFECT a message that has a long shelf-life; it has no ” c o p yright. ” the term ‘C0PY’right is in it’s self a forged term. Why, the words that describe ANOTHER COMPLETELY like think only perpetuates

the exact broken law. A good instance if this is the “circle-c” inside it’s history could be, someplace, in some picture or image in some recorded effort be

the guilt it is, in itself guilty

of said offence. Producers of any of the industry are just selling copies of a performance ro allow it’s vibe to be more attained. The SONG has sometimes manipulated from it’s original likeness. To hear live music is an easier way to feel the mood, the message over and over and over, etc. There is not any memory to live music; each tone, rift, reproduced sound is but a REhashed idea provide d by c a cassette, compact disk, long playing record. Record’s have more history than other forms of REcording due to the fact that their method of comunication can because of it’s method of education (the miniscule grooves that provide those tiny cuts ans gaahe a which are dragged just below a censor (sometimea as riny x as a diamond fleck adhered to a wax groove, or cut in said wax) the ‘WaX’ must gave been easier to mold. To marr. To scratch. It is those purposed gashes that create. What the create (on records) are the observance of a mistske. All original art is a little difference made by personally (lived being,) yhe “being” is REcorded to REwork a sound, in records the observance of a mistske in the smooth deliverance of smoother sounds of thTm

the otherwise smooth soundmaker. Which when composed with OTHER mistskes form sound. A blundered voice. Agregating amid ‘other’ mistakes to converge into a tone. We can, could go even deeper into those ‘grooves,’ to SEE, NOT JUST HEAR, THOSE TINIER faults that when combined along with varied mistake’s evolved from OTHER cuts amd grooves. Just know i,m being repetitive in saying (voicing) SOUNDING those little abrasions t hat on themselves dwell a cratch which make sounds when skipped over k and creating the sound of that activity. The music business locates these c tiny sound creators, copies them, and throgh distributing thosecsounda called ‘music’ via many for m s of enitting the vibration of those oxygen molecules that are bent themselve as to set into other air molecules bumping off eachother making vibration that disrupt the air that is all usually lame; emitting no vibration. Thus silence, nor marrs, no, the skips. No disruption, no sound that waz created by a mess-up. Sounding; alerting ears that are near enough to decipher those varied cuts forming a conglomeration if defects. Disrupting that peaceful smoothness being disrupted; thus creating the tiniest of eXclaimed mistake. Qhen coupled with each other fault (similar to ‘faults’ in the crust of this plavet earth.) Ausible shouts converging to create tone. proclaiming those smallish faults. Alerting a reciever to any listeners within earshot of it’s presence.

The music undustry is only a jumble of mistakes.