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David Buckle 7:46 AM 213217:51.03AM

What we have done for ourselves alone

dies with vs; what we done for others

and the world remains and is eternal.

  • Albert Pike

what d’ya think M.C.?

‘n by the way,

never was a

CIA sniper.


a grand


of David’s,


Smith (Austin)

knows what ‘m talkin’

about. don’t you Shan…

That band spoke to you

and JohnF. at that Fitzgerald’s

concert, we spoke about it,too did we not?

X’s for Eyes





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excuse me…
something’s wrong here:

David never tried, or allowed any sort of price for Lee Davila’s voice.

Last.fm.com is a wonderful thing, please.

Thank you very much…

THIS – X’s for Eyes
Was a dream not yet realized for Dave Rave, David was fortunate to return

to his home state of North Carolina; it was then that there was new

saw Internet Underground Music Archive, 1995,’s Charlotte, NC’s main branch library; he has been online since that year.
David Buckle was able to exorcise that *‘thing’ thatikwas

onlizinenet.wordpress.com is oused to push the envelope in what he thinks as
the creation, with others, album. I was fortunate enough to have influence in
the young
trip; a

.054e 1982-89 n

gig grown every time th

in mid 1992 David’s delived back to his birthplace in North Carolina.

By the time, 1991, the band had written an entire album’s worth
of songs. so they produced a newer cassette of material created during their
all so brief “15 minutes of fame”. It was Released in 1994, not depending on
influence from from David Buckle. who’s only claim to it was concocting the
trumpet lines, they are played by Victor Zapata.
with rIOrARErECORDS, David’s independent music label being
devised in 1988 with much unknown learned effort from Eric.
Within the constraints regrets of “almost gettin’ there” David
was delivered out of his bondage Oct. 2, 1992.
at his recent girlfriend’s street in Huntsville, TX.

At a most perfect time: 11:–PM,
as he was headed home from five
hours of happiness, working at the
register at that hamlet’s best record
store: Hastings Records and Books @
I-45 & Sam Houston blvd.

label – located @
100 North Tryon,
suite b220444,
28202, USA


X’s for Eyes’ true collection of songs was recorded @
SUNCOAST RECORDINGS in Friendswood Texas in the
month of September 1991 AD. Messages to their professional
producer, KEVIN BOMAR, may be sent to that address .

rIOrARErECORDS would like to thank: God and His son, our families
and freinds, ROOTSKA first cat:
“FUGAZIs in the cake pan and he doesn’t like it!”,
Reid’s mom and dad, Sam Houston State University.
in Huntsville, Texas, CVB, CRACKER, THE DEAD MILKMEN, JELLO BIAFRA, ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS in SAN FRANCISCO, Fitzgeralds: Houston, Mercado Caribe’ in AUSTIN, our fans, Dave’s best fisfin pal: Jonathan, and finally, YOU for taking the time to read these words! Keep the faith, hallelujah
and all the rest. Chant a Psalm a day.


I did the best I could while I was stuck in that place, made the best music
I could while I was stuck in that place, befriended the cutest females I could
while living one block from the front door of the the state Texas’ original
prison. 1912 Ave. O!

2010-02-10 14:15:11


too bad we are maybe
19 years ago in Texus;
heck, the best event to
occur from this fiasco
was that our drummer,
Jonathan Chamrad, drove
the rhythm behind the member’s
of Grand ‘ole Opry’s father, Gandpa Jones.

‘o1 from J.C.:

Grandpa Jones!

am in Tennessee jamin’ with

I do

wash-board; and we rock!

What’s for dinner Grandpa?
We’re havin green beans with Curry Corn; chewy ham-hock
chewy chicken and rolly-polly rolls topped with layer o’ green grass!


BUSER! Martin that is – Happy Trails Kennel Biglake, AL

anybody in the audience ever get hit by a car?

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